Dennis Rodman’s Darker Days

Dennis Rodman, the controversial former NBA player who tried to shock fans by his crazy hairdo’s and his unstable and childish party life attitude in his glory days, in 2012, he was “broke” and “sick” and he was behind on paying child support. His sponsors and endorsements fired him. His fans forgot him. He was all by himself “trying” to survive in this great rich country of ours. Until, one trip to a foreign country changed all that when Rodman visits North Korea for the first time last year to “host” basketball exhibitions. Now, he’s loved in a country that is notorious for oppressing freedoms from their citizens, poverty and corruption among other things.

A few days ago, in another visit, Rodman was singing “Happy Birthday” to a dictator that could be the laughingstock, a shadow of the former president Kim Jong-il. And the controversy just followed Rodman around when he commented about a detained American Kenneth Bae, that he deserve the 15 years of hard labor for doing something against the government. When in fact Kenneth Bae was unfairly arrested under the excuse of “hostile acts” against the state. Now, Rodman put his foot in his big mouth, and tries to apologize to the American Public and the world and blaming on the alcohol for his behavior. Really? You didn’t apologize for your crazy, immature, party life behavior in the past, so why now? Because by your actions you should be arrested for treason in the first place to begin with. How dare you Mr. Rodman to instead of fighting your way and rebuild yourself in this country by teaching future generations, you “moved” to North Korea to earn easy money for doing “basketball exhibitions” when there’s no North Korea Basketball yet in this country successful enough to beat the good ol’ American NBA? Americans are outraged over this. But many ignore the whole ordeal hoping Rodman will come back to the states ashamed and in tears. But at least, he could pay child support and be healthy with their North Korean Healthcare with the money he receives. Or go back to his party life and alcohol and screw it up once again. It doesn’t matter. There’s other news for example, when Kenneth Bae will be set free, than this alcoholic jackass.