Pity Reasons

SNL (Saturday Night Live) a comedy show that consists on sketches from comedians making fun on topics from politics to celebrities and always music bands performed live except for Ashlee, sadly. Obviously, the show lacked diversity for the past decades and they decided to implement it by choosing the first African-American Female to join the cast. In 2014? Seriously? They waited how long? 39 years and they didn’t chose a Black Woman comedian in the past? What about In Living Colour from Fox that broke all the racial barriers with Black Comedians, male and female who became superstars and sadly Fox pulled the plug on that one citing “censorship” among other issues that tried to separated the Wayans Brothers? But that’s another story.

It doesn’t amaze me the actual producers of the show “decided” to use the “race card” to attract a certain group of minorities to raise ratings. It’s been how long? Decades that I don’t watch it because I’m not into comedic sketches. It was great in the past and it worked for a huge amount of time, but I think hiring Sasheer Zamata, just because she is Black and not because of her talent (if she have any) is adding fuel to the fire. Even Affirmative Action comes to TV Networks too!

I saw her videos and I didn’t laugh one bit. She’s NOT funny at all. She’s an actress! She’s “practicing” to be a comedian. Gosh! There’s so many Black Women that can make people pee on their pants with their improv, their talents and their wit. This is one of many examples of having a comedian that is talented

Why they didn’t hire her or anyone WHO HAVE TALENT and the SKILL to make people laugh than someone that did ads and a TV show? Why the producers didn’t do it sooner and sorry Maya Rudolph is mixed, it doesn’t count even though she’s a very talented comedian. What the producers are trying to prove? Hiring a Black Woman is better than hiring a Latina or Asian just because of labels? Ok, I get that SNL never had an African-American woman in their cast in their 39 years, but under pity reasons they chose her even if the show is sinking at extraordinary rates and that’s plain wrong.