Media… Just Shut Up… Just Shut Up

I sympathized with Phil Robertson, the guy from Duck Dynasty because of his prior comments he answered by GQ Magazine when the author was incriminating him with his Christian beliefs and his experience Pre-Civil Rights era. He wasn’t disrespecting, he was speaking his mind and the people got mixed reactions along with it.

Now, CNN posted today, Phil commented a few years ago (before being famous with his reality show) that men should marry girls 15 or 16 years old’s. It was a engagement conference! And also stated “If you marry 20 year old’s they’re only for the man’s pocket.” Among other things that wasn’t offensive. Ok, I get the idea. This guy is old fashioned, not used to getting into the online dating, one night stands, sugar daddy, feminism scheme that is corrupting the real essence of mating. But once again, the media is setting a full fledged trap against this guy for once again for speaking his mind.

Ok, here’s what women are missing the whole deal about meeting men. Men have to be dominant in the relationship, women have to prove themselves they can take care of the provider not themselves. The feminism movement destroys all that. Phil comments are telling how men test their candidate before they get marry. Mating is about challenges and tests to see if that person is the one for them. What society is trying to say? That Phil is a pedophile now? Ok, this is going too far! Besides if women who believes in feminism, are alone, broke with children and bitter, don’t freaking dare to insult this man, because thanks to feminism men are pussies and women are dangerous fierce cougars angry, resentful and bitter at themselves.

But that’s not the point. The point is the media is planning on destroying this man and his family to shreds. If they’re not careful, they will fall. If they have the right weapons, the media and false society will fall to it’s knees. So, what’s your opinions on this? Should the Media investigate first before publishing these comments or they have the right to let the people know the truth, no matter how many lies and inaccuracies they had placed in it?



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