Going Inside the Closet

I read the news of ABC’s Good Morning America Robin Roberts “came out of the closet” and display her sexuality choice. Do I care? Do I actually want to know about if she was married, divorced, with kids or no kids at all or she was just an asexual who was a workaholic despite her health problems which she conquered with the help of a great health insurance package along with some figure salary? Actually, NOPE!

So why celebrities, newscasters, authors, etc still bash their sexuality in our faces like sandpaper and it’s unpleasant? It’s not my problem if you proclaim you’re gay, it’s not my problem if you’re straight, asexual or bi. I truly don’t care. I care if they respect me, and I give respect back. But declaring to the whole world you’re gay it turned so wasted and unnecessary that it feels more like you’re an attention seeker. Sadly, Roberts was the last person I thought I would think she would be capable of doing the coming out of the closet game.

I think she or anyone else in the public eye should keep their lives after they’re done movies, shows or delivering headline news, private. What’s the gay so-called community is trying to push this time? We got that! You’re gay, so what? If it’s like a new viral disease I never heard of? Because, for my understanding being gay has nothing to do with what career you’re going to have, which roads to take to find your destination, what type of food you’re going to order. Gay in the past means describing a happy mood, joyful and merry. Now this word has been taken by the homosexual community as their own. They could be anything but gay (happy, joyful, merry). They are indeed angry people who are shoving their sexuality to people who don’t want anything to do with their lifestyle. And if they don’t like it, they could sue them from discrimination to hate crime. At what point the Gay Community is trying to impose? That being homosexual is better than being heterosexual? They’re acting like spoil brats. It’s all about respect. If they want the Gay Community to be respected, stop acting like little kids, have some balls by keeping your sex lives to yourselves!


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