Personal Dust

As you readers know about Pillsbury and the circumstances around his death. After a month and a half, we moved into action into getting a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the so-called vet for negligence, citing the way this so called vet treated Pillsbury from the night we went to the clinic to the moment he was put to sleep. Every time I think about it, it becomes painful about what exactly happened and what went wrong.

In the next few weeks we received a call from the Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine and mailed a form to us to write a statement of what happened and send the information back and see what steps they’re gonna do against this individual. With the help of the lawyer, if the clinic didn’t answer in a determinate time frame we don’t have no other choice than to sue them. But honestly is not about monetary gain over the careless treatment and negligence of a family pet. It’s more about, what’s the real cause for his seizures and not doing anything about it, and worst of all, not asking us if we can keep his remains for burial. Instead, they put him in a dump which add insult to injury.

That day was the beginning of my vacation and I was literally with a few cash until next paycheck on Wednesday and she didn’t understand that part. We don’t have credit cards, He’s rebuilding his credit while I’m filing for bankruptcy and to add this loss? It’s like no matter how good we act in society, there’s creatures that judges over the fact of how we wear, how we poise and how we are is what this world have been turned into a pile of poop.

I just hope that in the end that person should have her license revoked. We found out in the next few weeks after his death that he had epilepsy and the Valium that was given wasn’t the right medication for him.

Even thought we have Dozer with us, we have a long road to teach him the basics. There’s some days that I think about Pillsbury and I call him Pillsbury instead of Dozer. His personality is different, and I try to bond with him, at a slower pace. But in the meantime, our lives are a little better and calmer, but not the same. Rebuilding takes a huge amount of time and we hope that we can get over with this issue.



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