Best YouTube Vids From 2013

Ok, another dose…

I have been watching youtube vids from a long time. And frankly youtube was a great venue for newcomer artists and musicians to get at least their 15 minutes of fame. Over this year I have been watching them, laugh at it and enjoy it and repeating it. These videos are carefully chosen for your enjoyment or displeasure whatever you pick.

The first one that it made me cry with tears of joy is in fact when Hollywood can’t think straight of making Wonder Woman a blockbuster film, consider these guys from Rainfall Films who got it right with their hard earned work, creativity and audacity.

The Key of Awesome is a group of comedians making parodies from music videos to TV/Movie sketches and found three videos so far that are best.

The Parody from Macklemore: Thrift Shop

The Parody from Lorde: Royals

Breaking Bad Song

Andrew Huang along with Dave Brown (boyinaband) created a song challenge every music genre alphabetically pretty good.

Dave Brown/boyinaband also have something up his sleeve

Skark (Fistfight Mix)

Pointless Fast Rap

Dan Bull is the king when it comes to rap about video games and then some

Grand Theft Auto V

Dear Miley


Epic Rap Battles of History is another one with a new season and new battles.

Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc

Pablo Picasso vs Bob Ross

Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali

Enjoy, Have fun, subscribe and keep on watching new stuff in the new year.


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