Worst of TV 2013

I think I might have a review cap of what I missed or diss or suddenly a hit. Since I post one of two best TV shows on the other page during 2013 and ignore a lot of others not worth wasting my time watching it. I think I try posting a few of the worst of 2013 that are the plague and should be exterminated in the next year… or so I hope.

Dance Moms and Abbie’s “Ultimate Dance Competition”

This is one clear example of child endangerment and abuse. Parents who didn’t do anything with their lives and push their offspring to be “successful” under the “guidance” of one stupid morbidly obese thing of a lonely bitch who all she does is acting like she’s the queen of England. Watching at least one minute of these shows it would make you think about why Social Services didn’t take these kids away soon enough.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It’s been how many seasons? 8 Seasons!  And still people are glued to find out the lives of a dysfunctional but rich family become selfish, immature and immoral on top of that for the sake of the ratings. This network had this idea in mind to show how a sex tool such as Kim Kardashian exploit her “sex appeal” along with her mother for their own benefit. If it wasn’t for that sex tape, they would become absolutely nothing. Oh wait a minute! They’re still nothing!

Tequilla Sisters
TV Guide Network

Another trash to beat Keeping Up? Well, this time is about a Mexican-American Family who are very affluent by their fabrication of their tequila and how they handle their four daughters that doesn’t look absolutely Hispanic (instead looking like Barbie copies) into their American Nightmare. Another lackluster show that the word “reality tv” is out of the question.

South Beach Tow
Operation Repo
Hardcore Pawn
Lizard Lick Towing

There’s nothing real about these shows full of exaggerated drama, bad acting and racist stereotypes specially against Blacks. South Beach Tow and Operation Repo along with Lizard Lick are a joke while Hardcore Pawn tries in vain to convince Pawn Shop fans but leaves a unpleasant taste in our mouths and a huge irritation in our eyes.

Ghost Adventures
Travel Channel

Ghost Hunters

Both shows about “hunting” and “catching” ghost is turning very old and tirening. Both shows should be canned a long time ago. “Nuff said.

American Idol

Still with this shit of a show that in the end, there’s no real singers who constantly use autotune in their so called albums? But in the meantime, it’s a torture where millions of young some talented and others mediocre creatures show the whole world their “talent” while “judges” are grounding them to bits and pieces. Since the first original ones are gone, three new ones are added and since then, AI is going down the drain. It was better if Fox would pull the plug on this one for the love of humanity.


One Jackass or one dumb bobblehead doll, plenty of desperate women and men “trying” to be physically attached to a person they don’t know of. It have been for many years now that it’s so weird that there’s no diversity in choosing the first African-American to be the bachelor or bachelorette, that in the end it’s just pure joke where the couple that end the season together won’t last another year or perhaps a month.

BridezillasWe TV

At least the gods heard my prayers on this one being cancelled! Spoiled rotten bitches behaving like little children on their big day and stupid guys who are marrying them didn’t see it coming and didn’t run away from it. 10 Seasons of this mediocre piece of trash wasn’t enough? It would be cancelled sooner.

Eric Andre Show
Adult Swim

This guy is seriously NOT funny. If he’s constantly high? Or he’s maladjusted? Entertaining? Not by a long shot.

Honorary Mentions:

Teen Moms: Two Words: Use Contraceptives!
American Top Model: Please Enough with the Catwalk!
Scandal: A show that shows Black Women is not a big deal to cheat.
Betrayal and Mistresses: Still, cheating and sex showing many times on prime time tv doesn’t sell or suit well with viewers up our nostrils are annoying.
The Witches of East End: Sorry but even with potions and spells it doesn’t prove powerful enough.
Project Runway: It won’t fix stitches and rips from this disaster.
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: It would be better, if There She Went Away, Honey Boo Boo was titled instead.
Any TV Remake that didn’t function at all: Ironside?

I hope 2014 Reality TV should be more about real people, not fake bobbleheads who want their 15 or less minutes of fame. Enough with the copying and recycling scripted tv. Gosh, no wonder Netflix and Hulu and independent filmmakers are creating better ways to make TV without all the junk other networks had been doing it for so long!


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