Smoking is Indeed Smoking

Lately, in the past months I have been bombarded with ads about this newest trend of E-Cigarrettes. These “things” will allow you to “smoke” in every place and it’s a replace from normal tobacco, plus you don’t smell like an ashtray. But the ads on TV showing celebrities like Jenna Mc Carthy and Stephen Dorff telling it’s free to smoke everywhere and you can smell better it seems a little off for my taste.

As a non-smoker I had been concerned not about where you should smoke but how this trend is trying to replace regular cigs promising that smokers can be more healthy and later on stop smoking at once. Secretly, I have been seeing e-smokers doing it in the Supermarket, in nursing homes and there’s no regulations or control whatsoever to prohibit from smoking indoors. It doesn’t bother me, what’s bothers me is that these ads on TV, Radio and Internet should be banned.

It could be better if the Food and Drug Administration might regulate this trend. Even thought it’s for 18 and over, minors would get their hands into trying these, same with regular cigs by people they know. Even thought it’s more expensive than the regular disgusting thing, still there’s some questions regarding second hand smoke with e-cigs and how it will affect non-smokers in the long run.








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