When One Man Proposes Another Coward make Poundcakes

I saw a video this morning about a video game developer created a videogame for his girlfriend who is also a gamer and at the end he proposed in the videogame. It was heartwarming, unique and romantic. The couple couldn’t contain their emotions for that, for sure. It was something to be remembered for Robert Fink and Angel White in their great chapter of their lives. Congratulations for both.

But sadly, in another scene, a couple who just have unprotected sex in a motel, had an argument and it was all caught on video, ends nearly badly as the man (a coward excuse for a man) punches a woman named Qushanna Doby while she was defending herself and in the end he screamed deadly threats against her. I was literary in tears, disgusted because this Black woman was denigrated, humiliated to the point of being a punching bag and then I wonder why Black women can’t get treated like this girl Angel White, and instead we’re becoming the lowest of the low in society.

It makes me think, how many Black women had been subjected to verbal, physical and sexual abuse over the years and they end up broken, bitter and mentally unstable with low self-esteem, while other women are subjected to positive things from having an excellent childhood to having an excellent stable family. You can call me everything in the book, but when a human being is faced with a trauma so severe in any point of their lives, everything changes and it marks them for the rest of their lives.

I just wonder if Black women could be treated with respect, honesty, understanding and love? Can Black women be happy for once with themselves and with someone who respects, honors and provides for her? Sadly the Black community is severally broken, socially, financially, emotionally and it’s sad that even thought there’s a few organizations and individuals who want to rebuild, improve and empower every individual, the Black community is still at it stand still. We’re going backwards. All I want is that every Black woman in this country can move forward, embracing and accepting her body, her hair, accepting every positive compliments and polishing themselves into brilliant and beautiful individuals. Sorry, but the bad bashing towards Black Women doesn’t seems to work at all.


2 thoughts on “When One Man Proposes Another Coward make Poundcakes

  1. well we just googled qushanna doby and she has many issues mugshot photo’s- the woman here think she earned it by going back in and destroying the room

  2. That’s the sad part about this woman, but even that she or any other women don’t deserve to be punched like an old sandbag no matter how rowdy they act. And she ain’t a saint either. Don’t know if she got arrested for destroying the room, but was arrested earlier for petit theft in Feb 2013.

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