2013: The Year of WTF

It has been a year of too much screw ups, depravity and idiocracy that I’m very glad I survived not from a big horde of zombies, or a group of drug lords chasing me down or demon ghosts with a horrible demise if you poke them scaring the shit out of me. But survived stupid decisions of immature, arrogant politicians blaming everything but themselves, selfish “celebrities” that showed more cleavage and private parts than visiting a AVN convention, while “proclaiming” themselves they’re the best thing since god created mankind.

We encountered too much unnecessary rules and regulations that controls how people should live according to their standards omitting the obvious problems that have to be addressed from schools to jobs to even the music industry which I also have a little rant about it. It’s garbage, purely and solely garbage out of individuals who can’t even sing a note make millions and a false sense of recognition while good artists and musicians who can’t rely on autotune software and other voice correction programs does double the job earn little support and vanish in the spotlight or are stuck on posting videos on youtube.

It was a year that people exercised their right to be entitled to their own opinions on forums and comments on social media but didn’t do absolutely nothing to move their legs and raise their hands in anger and demand the government to step off and let others do a better job. Others sadly use the “freedom of speech” excuse to post their offensive, disgusting, mediocre and racist points of views for the whole world to see how America has become. A bunch of illiterate jackasses who think that using the N-word, S-word or any derogatory comment is cool, even if the whole world sees them as it is, a group a racist grumps.

Some have survived, others for any unfortunate and surprising reason  or circumstance passed away, but still there’s a little bit of hope that the next year humanity can’t be that stupid, nasty and arrogant. But hoping is a very imaginary word, how about this. If we still denigrating ourselves and others, well, what would happen? A civil war just because of color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their political stance? The whole world will drop dead? I mean, where’s the humanity in that?

2014: We’re not ready for what’s going to happen, not now, not ever if, and if, the Americans will discard every distraction and start growing some balls and prepare and defend their turf against a corrupt government system.



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