There’s Goes Again…

If we as a nation continue to belligerent one another because of race, accent, and even how we shit in the bathroom, the answer could be simple: Segregation. Take it or leave it!

Even in Christmas season I can’t have at least the slightest peace, with all these comments from a blow up doll from Fox News to a controversial move from a ignorant teacher from New Mexico telling a black kid, “Hey, You can’t be Santa Claus, because you’re black.” among and including racial profiling in so-called stores like Macys where they catch Black people even if they have money to buy stuff. It’s ridiculous that even in these holidays where everybody should be enjoying with their families, friends and relatives are now fighting, hating and separating each other. Everyday is a social, racial, financial war zone where everyone is battling to get to the top of the chain while shitting on others.

Is this the road, we, the American People, are going with all this racial tension? Go ahead! But don’t complain if you need a heart, kidney or lung transplant and there’s none available except from a black, Asian or Hispanic man, then you’ll be sorry when you can’t even save a life because of your racist beliefs.

I knew from the start that the election of a Black President will bring nothing but separation and discord among every American over the most stupid ideas, issues and this is not the exception even in Christmas season. This game of the race card is annoying. It’s enough! Stop it! Or either we can work together or be segregated and everybody’s happy at some point…



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