There’s Always Good And Annoying Things In Life…

Almost 4 days ago on Saturday, my co-worker who I met a few months ago gave me an early Christmas surprise. Even thought she knew about what happened to me 4 weeks ago with my dog’s passing, she from her kindness of her heart, found two dogs. One for her and another one for me. They were Lab Mixed puppies. I couldn’t believe it at first because I thought it was a joke, but when she showed the pictures from the litter that the owner showed her, I chose the black one with white spots on his paws, belly and his neck. Both were male. Didn’t like the idea of having a female thought. But still had my fears and doubts. Still, after 4 weeks I thought I wasn’t ready for another dog, but my husband was so persistent on having another one because the house was empty, while my depression and panic attacks were worse while his anxiety was out of whack. It did a devastating effect on us that going back home and not seeing Pillsbury greeting me was very hard to bear.

So, she drove along with her boyfriend to Rose Lake and pick the dogs and drove back to where we live and delivered this loving puppy. I just immediately showed the new dog Pillsbury memorial on our wall and showed him who he was. I’m crazy like that. But Pillsbury filled our lives, and I hope this puppy will be the happiest one too. The puppy that we got, has a very different personality from Pillsbury, in fact, he’s independent. Like for example, I made a bed putting comforters and pillows inside the drawer and it was a little bit taller than he is. On the first night, he didn’t whimper, or cry, he just climbed it to the bed with no complains and went to sleep. Yesterday, on Monday I left to the kitchen while my puppy was comfortable around comforters and as soon as I came back he was in the couch and it was double the height of the bed I made for him.  He’s definitely is going to be a little climber. He was born on Oct 26, 2013 and we were deciding between naming him Dozer (his choice) or Heisenberg (my choice). But it stood up with Dozer because if I call him Heisenberg, I will know for a fact, people are going to look elsewhere for the star of Breaking Back walking the streets or something.

But as soon as he arrives and stay with us, the house seems full of life again, and I’m glad for it. Even with my fears, I made a lot of changes to avoid certain things. For example, buy Dog Foods and treats made in the USA 100% very carefully no matter how expensive it may be, traveling 50 miles for a vet since all the vets in the so-called Silver Valley thinks about money before having love for animals and for that they killed my dog, and more importantly NOT SPAY/NEUTERING. I followed their rules and look at me, I don’t have my Pillsbury with me. I’m very grateful that Sandra (not her real name) did that, even thought I helped her back many times.

And The Annoying Things In Life:

Another thing… A few days ago I posted a comment on Matt Walsh blog regarding Obama titled “I am a racist” on his blog. I posted a comment as always, and the response was nothing but insulting, offensive and immature from some of the commentators who obviously didn’t have the decency to post their actual photos on their gravatars and obviously doesn’t know the concept of respect when you’re in a debate. Individuals who told me to go to the local library to study grammar, when they don’t write the meaning “so be it” right, to 9-11 wasn’t an inside job among other fuck ups. I have my own ideals, opinions and beliefs, I’m not carrying an iphone 24/7 and act hip, I don’t pretend to be the most intelligent person in the planet by diminishing your point of views. I have my own views, ideas and beliefs (nope, I’m not Christian). I always say that if they respect my words, my opinions I respect yours. You don’t have to push your words around like a repetitive puppet telling me to take grammar lessons when you can’t even say your independent thinking. It was more of a group of trolls trying to humiliate my opinions.

Here’s the comment I wrote:

“There’s a lot of conspiracies and rumors about Obama than any other presidential candidate or president for the simple fact not from his color of his skin, but from his origins. I remember the day that when he was speaking about something at the congress some jackass screamed “You Lie!” He wasn’t taking out of the room if the president was white. It doesn’t matter if in the end Obama was more of the same political puppet they put into power, the American people didn’t acknowledged him in the first place, but why they voted for him twice? They should go for McCain or Romney until hell freezes over. But the reason of voting him because we supposedly overcome racism is like to say a blind man now you can see and cross the street when in fact he’s about to be smashed.”

And then all hell broke loose…

What type of grammatical errors did I made? What books or videos should I read or watched to post a comment like this? People who doesn’t post their own photos on their gravatar and didn’t post not even one entry in their so-called blogs doesn’t have the damn right to tell me how to post my views based on their immature statements. But not everything is lost, only two people agreed with me which cheered me up and I politely replied back. But in the meantime, I unfollow Matt Walsh (even though he have great excellent moral issues and points about the concept of family, responsibility and accountability on his blog) because I obviously can’t stand trolls who are entitled to their own opinion by bashing, insulting and offending strangers just to think they’re always right and think they’re all that. The same goes here, if some commenter post something offensive, insulting, racist (that’s the fashion word of the year, I heard), against another commenter, I would reject it. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean posting demeaning, denigrating comments to the point that they won’t comment for fear of retribution. I won’t regret or apologize for what I said, not in my blog or any other blog I visit.


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