Winamp 1997-2013

Few days ago, AOL decided it was time to pull the plug on one of the most loyal and great music players from all time on December 20 while Microsoft is making talks to take it’s rights and rumors has it it could convert it into a money scheme machine. I still have Winamp on different computers and now on my tablets on and off since 1999. The radio stations are 100% free, visualizations and customizations are humongous, and don’t forget their equalizer and add ons later on. I never use Windows Media for somewhat reason, since Winamp is a multi-source format to play music. But one of the best things that people use Winamp is the MP3 file sharing, which RIAA and other Music Industry hated with a passion.

If I want to listen to music I switch to Winamp, not any other player, and this news hit me like a ton of bricks, not only for the listeners but the broadcasters as well who rely on it to promote their talent and their music which most are independent, and somewhat mainstream in some cases. It’s all about money, greed and the pursuit of having a private jet with lots of hookers to play around.

I surely gonna miss:

Soma FM UK Underground Eighties: UK Synchop
1920’s Radio Network from Chesapeake Virginia (they also goes up to 1940’s)
Sky FM
Radio Dismuke (one of my favorite pieces of jewels to listen to for 1920’s and 1930’s)
Calm Radio
Ambient Sleeping Pill
Krisis DNB (one of the best live DNB stations)
Soma FM Dub Step Beyond

Some were easy to find and listen without Winamp while others won’t but that’s about changes. People have the money to spend a dollar a song on Itunes, I spent a dollar or a few on going to antique or record stores (yes, it still exists) and get the whole classic record (or vinyls) or even ten in excellent condition. Not spending 10 bucks on a cheating garbage that Milli Vanili would be so proud. If I want to share the music I listen to, I can have that right to do so, I’m not selling to make a profit, I’m telling friends, hey listen to this tune and let me know what you think. If he/she’s interested, he/she might buy it on Itunes or any record store. But to imply that in order to listen it’s just only 20 seconds like many sites do for years to find out if it’s great or not or you have to pay monthly fees from $6 bucks to $20.00 a month depending what type of program you are forced to use is ripping everyone’s off (and not sensibly) the music industry is treating it’s listeners like criminals. I know Winamp has the pro-version but they didn’t forced me at gun point or panhandling it to get it, like many programs do just to be greedy and gain the buck.

It’s a shame that now it’s pay up or don’t listen at all scheme that RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and Music Execs are enforcing no matter how crappy bad, awful, lewd with profanities it contains in music no matter what genre. I know musicians have the right to get paid too, but not from cutting our freedom or choice. Remember Freedom of Choice?

In the meantime, Winamp is still active until that date, so download it, hear some of the extensive radio station collection and tell me, if it’s the sign of the times to be pull the plug or the sign of the times to be billed $4.99 a minute for hearing a song? I think and I always promote that the internet should free for everyone, unsigned, independent if the person has talent take Dan Bull, You And What Army, Dave Brown, Andrew Huang for example. So-called mainstream artists should go other venues than ruining it! Or better yet, spend your money on real singing lessons! And by the way, Thanx Metallica for fucking it up!


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