Downhill Generation

Yesterday I saw a video on youtube of a “group” of college “students” throwing snow not at one another when winter comes, but at strangers driving in their cars. It doesn’t in any way seem innocent fun, it is way out of hand fun that it could be ending up deadly if someone would show up with a gun stepping out of the car. The University of Oregon students should go somewhere and do their fun elsewhere instead of annoying drivers who might go to their destinations. Comments from youtube have been removed (oh great, I wonder what’s the comments were?), but comments from the newspaper Daily Emerald are still on and it’s mostly how immature, how bullying these “students” did just to get attention.

It’s surely embarrassing seeing videos like these when these “future leaders” who somewhat rely on scholarships and pell grants behave like little naughty bully kids just because they see snow. Still, doesn’t know if the administration of the faculty are going to press charges against that group who even threw snow at a old man who stepped out of his car, pissed off confronting these punks. And it makes me think, not only in this University but Universities, Colleges around the country, they suppose to teach them the tools of the trade, their education of what they want to learn but not only that, most forgot how to behave in society, learning social responsibility and accountability. No wonder, if they commit something that is their fault, they could get away with it, or blame someone else for their screw up and cry a river.

College life is so “glamorous” with frat parties, drugs and free sex that they forgot that if they can’t graduate, their next job will be having two positions at two different places of employment and still are broke, because they have unwanted and accidental kids to feed. Football players? Don’t get me started! I don’t watch sports, because I’m not draw to it.  It’s more about best college players goes to the NFL with a million of dollar contract with their lack of money skills and handling that they waste it in a day and in the later years they cry and wimper why they’re filling for bankruptcy while living back to their parents home with no education that they suppose to get in the first place to begin with.

I just wonder, what happened? Why this generation isn’t in the right marbles to rebuild this screwed country, and instead they think about partying, bullying, sexual expression and aggression without thinking about their consequences, poor money handling and skills. And then complain that they “spent” a lot of money on their education to be in debt for their future generations. And let me tell this clearly, not all, NOT ALL are going to end up like these. But by their actions, they will sow nothing but bitching and complaining why they’re so broke.


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