A Lot To Lose

Today at my job I nearly had a panic attack. I hate it when it involves doing tasks and at the same time thinking about the tragic event that happened over the course of nearly 4 weeks ago. I know and everybody will comment “you get over it, soon enough.” or “you get another dog.” But seriously after you tried to help and defenseless family member and leave and trust in the hands of someone who could take care of him, and that person failed not because she could do more than asking for money, but not giving the right medication for him, it leaves and still leaves an empty space in my heart, not only myself but my husband as well. I imagine the time that I get home and all I see is Pillsbury waiting for me at the door greeting me and wanting a treat if he behaves well around the house. I miss his furry fur and didn’t care how much he sheds, I miss his eyes and his smiles when he looks at me happy that he have someone who can make him happy and makes us happy. I miss his needs to petting him no matter how busy we are playing video games or writing my blog or my novel (since I stopped 4 weeks ago), I miss when he plops on our bed when he wants to go to sleep. When he plays tug of war or trying to get the ball out of his mouth after he fetch it. Memories are still there, but there’s no new memories about him. He’s missing his favorite season, winter which he plays constantly on the snow, sniffing it, eating it, and jump on it, his Christmas gifts that were waiting for him with new toys so he could destroy it in less than a month or less. He’s irreplaceable, he was unique, one of a kind special pet, and this person destroyed it and dump it like he was nothing. She treated us like nothing because of greed.

I tried to be strong and deal with it. But with the help of prescription pills to calm my nerves to you think that I’m going to be better? I don’t think so! My husband had constant anxiety and eats less, I on the other hand have panic attacks and seriously I have to check out on other personal problems I will explain later on. This person fractured our lives, our happiness and even our future. Moving forward can’t be easy, it never does, but when we have our options to make that person accountable for what she’s done, we encountered obstacles that we can be broken and move ahead with the decision along with some help to bring that person to justice. I don’t want any other family pet being treated with this irresponsible piece of shit. We could lose, we could win, I can’t get my dog back from the dead, but she can’t get away that easy. Karma can’t be that unjust, it will hit them.




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