This is Enough, MR. Sotomayor!

I recently watched your videos not one day but for a couple of months now, and it’s denigrating, humiliating and full of hatred against your counterpart, against Black Women. Over the past few months, I heard nothing but negative comments and opinions about them by posting videos of Black Women fighting, pictures of Black women showing with their “weaves” or extensions in offensive poses or in other cases Black Woman celebrities speaking their mind about the so-called self hatred and making fun of them.

But this video stroke a chord along with your immature, cussing and yes denigrated comments about an incident at a family establishment Chuck-E Cheese where there was a fight altercation between Caucasian woman and a black woman, who the Caucasian woman started the whole altercation. In the end, the Black woman stole her purse and walk off the place. But His comments such as:

“Black Women are Shit.”
“Ugly Fat Women”
“Black Whore”
“Black Single Mothers always on Welfare and Sleeping around”

Among others, I don’t know why this guy can’t even get flagged for inflammatory opinions on You Tube. Did I act like that when I get angry? I get angry but that doesn’t mean that I have to put the other cheek so they could punch it. Am I on welfare? Nope, that’s why I have a job. And I’m ugly and fat? Perhaps I’m overweight, ugly because society standards categorized me and certainly I don’t care, as long as I have good hygiene and dress appropriate that would be fine. Bitch? That’s for animals. Whore? What about men? They’re doing the same thing and they have a lovely name for them, “Playa or Players or Gigolos.” Black Single Mother? Nope, I can’t have kids due to medical reasons but I’m married.

So the point to get across is that Tommy Sotomayor hatred of Black Women knows no boundaries or respect for them. He categorized all Black Women acting like animals, primates and whores. And when in the middle of the video at 9:35 to 9:38, said those comments, I was furious, indeed. I know for a fact that the way of these women acting that way at Chuck-E Cheese isn’t the proper way of behaving but categorizing the whole black women as pieces of crap and shit, is very insulting, inflammatory, denigrating where there’s a lot of Black Women out there that are successful, respected members of society despite their obstacles, and not necessarily have to be with celebrities. There’s policemen, doctors, lawyers, nurses who spend their lives helping others. Black women who stand firm with their strong moral beliefs along with their man and protecting their kids against dangers from society and yes, individuals like these who devalue their self worth, their dignity, their destiny as women.

What point does he tries to prove? That he’s a foul mouthed thug that all he says is poisoning his own race’s minds? By the sounds of it, go ahead and watch the whole video. And give some comments about this.

Will this will uplift Black Women Spirit? These message will empower them to change? I don’t think so!



4 thoughts on “This is Enough, MR. Sotomayor!

  1. I can’t stand Tommy! I’ve never liked him. I think we need black unity and black love. Which is what I promote on my blog. People like Tommy are just divisive! He is doing this on purpose. He is paid by the powers that be to keep black men and women fighting with each other—-when we need healing. He also bashes black women to NO end! Yeah sistas aren’t perfect,they have their flaws. But we all have flaws. And self-hating negroes like him just want to promote him. He has been exposed many times on Youtube. He is a cancer on the black community. He is no different than that vile site Worldstar Hip Hop. They all promote disgusting behavior as though it’s normal in the black community! They all make me sick!!!

  2. Thanks for posting your comment and you’re right on the money. There’s a video of a Hispanic male talking about why the only race that disrespect Black Women are sadly, Black males (I tried to find it but it’s deleted). Males of other races doesn’t talk negatively about it on youtube. So, why Black Males? There’s a saying “You don’t know what you got until you lose it.” And they lost miserably in restructuring their own community. In getting their family get together, in helping others.

  3. Simply put,Tommy is a coward. White people sign is checks so he wont go after them. He’s scared of the white man so he arracks his own people. We have problems in out community. There are things black men and women need to work on. We should be supporting each other and uplifting out community. I don’t fall for the “gender war” nonsense. That’s just a way to divide us up eve further. I’ve been attacked myself from some female bloggers who “male-bash” as well. I get so sick of it! We can’t allow ourselves to fall for these traps. We have to also keep in mind that everyone on the internet is NOT who they claim to be. Some white trolls posing as black people. I’ve seen a few of them exposed on Youtube. Keep your eyes open sis. It’s a war out here. There are forces that don’t wont our people to come together and gain progress. It’s a threat to their power. Always keep that in mind.

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