Here’s my 50’s on Paul Walker

I never been a fan on Fast and the Furious franchise except for Toyko Drift (in which none of the original cast except for Vin Diesel participated), and few days ago the main star of the series (that should be at least for TV instead of movie theaters), Paul Walker died catastrophically in a car accident in Southern California. The car that he was in was a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT which is this one:

These type of cars based on what other new sources, are very difficult to control and drive due to their high speed range which is more than 200mph among other issues. If the manufacturer Porche created this dangerous car that celebrities can buy and end up not as worse than death but encountered a lot of scares from it, doesn’t suppose Porche remove this car for good? Or made adjustments to make it secure and stable for driving? The driver Roger Rodas who perished in this tragedy bought the car from Graham Rahal who is a extreme car collector.

Another thing that makes me think about the whole incident is, if the speed zone was 40mph, why the driver, the “indi driver” didn’t supposedly follow the signs and “lose control” of the vehicle to hit on a post which was a medium sized tree that can be break and landed like this.

Doesn’t suppose that this tree would be burned as well or even break? There’s something strange going on other than a tragic accident. Even with security cameras, there’s still no information or video of what exactly happened that night.  I know the car isn’t the safest, but when you hit the tree this will happen in many cases:

It didn’t explode like in the movies, it just smoked a little and the person just got out of the car slightly unscathed. The fire went from the back to the passenger/driver side while the front of the car isn’t affected. There’s going to be a lot of conspiracy theorists out there investigating it with a grain of salt about the whole incident. I know there’s something suspicious going on when there’s no video of the accident where there’s cameras around or they don’t post what exactly happen to let the people know if speeding and the lack of control caused this or it is something strange going on.

In the meantime and in the coming days, there’s going to be a lot of contradictions and inconsistencies about it, and the mass population will forget the whole deal and believe everything the media tells them.


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