Shopping Blues?

Ok. I get it, the economy sucks big balls. But why the media always made stupid news about how much people shop specially in Christmas season and every year say the same thing. People shopping less than previous years. Can the mainstream media showed why the reason people come less and less to stores specially on “Black Friday?” It’s common sense, there’s a lot of families and individuals unemployed, plus they have to live within their means. They don’t have the money to spend on tablets, iphones, or the latest consoles when all they think is survival like winter clothes and food and a roof above them. Christmas season isn’t about helping people and act politely to one another anymore. It’s more about “selfies”, me, myself and I attitude, and I don’t give a fuck about you, what’s mine is mine and that’s it. It hasn’t change and it won’t change until human beings could be stripped of their commodities they now embrace.

It’s a disgrace that all the media shows is the lack of compassion and change it to selfishness and chaos in a “season” that all they want to do is to chill and enjoy with their families. If they don’t have the money to buy the stuff, they could agree with being with one another in different ways. Why always society pushes the more expensive gift you buy, the person you’re receiving loves you more. Why not, the more respect and love you give, you receive the same thing even better?


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