I watched the new version of Red Dawn on Netflix, because I was having a hard time getting to sleep. In this version, A North Korea army invaded “Spokane, WA” and a group of youngsters following the orders of a former US Marine are defending their turf and “destroying” Korean tyranny. In that movie they made a lot of changes before going into theaters for example, the enemy is China, instead they changed for the laughingstock out of North Korea  for fear of offending such a “prosperous” country.

But as I compared both films it stands the same message that Americans shouldn’t tolerate any foreign invasion. We have been attacked by terrorists groups foreign and domestic for decades with daunting results. But the closest, the Attack at Pearl Harbor isn’t close to what could happen if a super powered country would invade the US. In the movie, it was in graphic detail of EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) attacking the whole country leaving it in the dark and later in the morning groups upon groups of planes drops people up in the air in parachutes arriving in the suburbs. It sounds very scary, one night everything seems normal and the next day, your family is captured by the enemy. But the problem of the matter is Americans are lacking defensive and offensive strategies to bring their enemies to their knees or bite dust. Americans think that the corrupted government is there for a reason to “defend” against the enemy, but what if Americans don’t know the truth, it can’t hurt them until the real invasion begins and since the military is dismantled by going into a foreign country to become severally ill mentally and physically when they get back home. Lack of funds, make the soldiers with less security for themselves, who cares about foreigners! Unnecessary missions, when the Middle East could be dealing it by themselves on their own terms. And there you have it, a dysfunctional army who is underpowered in quantity and quality. So, we can rely on the Police Department, right? Well, that’s another no-no, you can call 911 all you want but police isn’t ready either for a massive invasion. They’re just for simple tasks like disturbing the peace to murder to drug trafficking and yes, writing tickets. They could be obliterated or “surrender” in one piece. Swat, FBI, CIA can be the best bet, but still, it could be doing the same thing hiding their kids and their wives but still doing the same thing.

What options do you have? You can’t defend yourself with tazers, baseball bats and kitchen knifes, since they have all their powered weapon at their disposal to dispose if you resist. You need guns to fight with guns, right? But there’s laws and regulations about who will carry guns, what type of guns should they use and the capacity it requires to owning a gun. Since politicians distorted the whole concept of the Second Amendment by adding and subtracting for their own benefit or as they see fit, to make citizens powerless against self-defense domestic and foreign is making a big fuzz because of shootings in the past years, making citizens angry that they would get lucky if they live in the red states.

We might be prepared for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes but definitely we’re not prepared or be ready for a foreign invasion. It’s survival, where the conspiracy theorists might survive while regular joes with their smart phones, addicted to the Kardashians and Duck Dynasty can’t stand a chance.

In the meantime, gather plenty of water and purify it, food specially the ones that last up to 20 years shelf life, make a preparedness strategy and get items. Any little things counts. It’s better to be prepare than being sorry.

Watch the original movie Red Dawn from 1984 and the Australian version Tomorrow: When the War Began from Amazon.com


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