May the Shopping Be Ever in Your Favor…


Every time there’s the famous Black Friday, which is the first Friday after Thanksgiving (depending on the calendar) people converts themselves to animals, employees are frightened for their lives and the whole ambient sounded more of “The Purge” vs “The Hunger Games” where it’s more of it’s mine or I stab you or punch you or you end up empty handed and bruised.

Luckily, I didn’t have the mass of animals around since supermarkets are very different from big chain stores like Walmart. But by the sound of it every year it gets worse, that it turned this great Christmas season into a violent feast of fights, altercations, arrests and even stabbings. I mean, how uncivilized have we become? I mean, you can’t stab, tazer, throw a punch over 5 dollars of headphones when all year at Big Lots you see the different or the same brand at the same price! WTF is going on with humanity these days? I just said, if the big depression will come up on Christmas time, I bet my sweet ass everybody is going to be acting worst than animals, but this time is for survival, not for finding the “best deals” at Walmart.

This generation is pathetic. Ironic, Immature, selfish pricks that all they care is about money and greed with a dose of getting their latest Iphones, tablets, smartphones and fuck everyone else. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine mentality along with Black Friday has to end big time. I’m sick of it period.



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