Didn’t Like the Outcome

Yesterday we watched our favorite show “Family Guy.” During that show it was about the end of one of our beloved characters of the show, Brian who is a talking dog. It started as a violent car crash while he was walking or playing in the street. Overcoming the passing of our dog is violent and heartbroken as worst, but seeing an portion of the episode that we saw Brian on the bed bleeding and on life support. It was heartbreaking and tearjerker that I just told my husband to shut the tv down.

Facing our grieving is one thing, but seeing a dog having an accident (even if it’s a cartoon) and shows in graphic detail the pain that he goes through it’s slightly offensive at best for pet owners who dealt with the loss of a pet under violent circumstances. It was distasteful at worst. Fox Producers or Seth MacFarlane should come up with some other story other than a tragic accident that ended in Brian’s death.

Frankly, we didn’t see the rest of the show because it was too much to bear. It reminds us of our dog being badly taken care from the vet and how our world had been turned upside down because of it. I think, Fox Network should think carefully of the content before broadcasting it. I know a pet can’t live just like human being but there’s a lot of people out there still grieving from the loss of their family pet, and then watching this episode makes things worse, don’t you guys think?

Oh yes, there’s the changing channel option, plus the on/off button but the damage is done. They should come up with a better alternative than this.


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