I think Alex Jones Maybe Is Right

I have been listening to Alex Jones and at first I thought this guy is surely an opportunist using the thing he hates most “capitalism” to earn money frightening people to get ready for an apocalypse listening to his show. I have been listening for him for months. He wasn’t he only guy I have been listening, Rush, Beck, O’Hannity, Maddow have their flaws as well as their strengths, but they always talk the same song every day of how this or other party screwed this country up in arms and the people, well, thank you. With Alex Jones even though he have a lot of flaws, he comes up unafraid, determined and fierce to tell the world there’s something underneath politics that can threaten our way of how Americans live. But wait a minute here! Our government failed us! Betrayed our trust in them and we have to do something about it? But how? We vote every four years and still it’s becoming worst and complicated. With rules and laws that we are up against and yet we can’t do nothing about it. It’s like they’re singing to their own drum, not to our own voices. So what choices do we have as a nation?

They keep spying from every comment, words, pictures we post on social media like we are the criminals. Doesn’t sounds odd that the government is funding a war that doesn’t know what’s the real cause for invading a foreign country other than “because it’s for 9/11?” Doesn’t the people question the mainstream media for every headline news they come out and make it sensationalized? Doesn’t the people ask the government where exactly our tax money goes besides food stamps, medicaid and medicare and don’t forget income tax? Why there’s so much government corruption, and why people doesn’t do anything about it?

It’s about why the people are unable to move, ask, demand and react to the point that they’re entertained with their ipads, iphones and forget the rest. And then you wonder when the government take your jobs, your freedom, your children’s life where do you stand?

Although I’m not defending Alex Jones for the constant bashing provided by mainstream media for calling him a racist, responsible for some shooting specially the LAX shooting, but at least if a person gets attack so much to the point of trying to beating him to a pulp, perhaps there’s an secret agenda in order to humiliate him or vanish from the planet. So at least, he could have something up his sleeve to tremble that foundation, maybe not. The thing of the matter is the American people are so blinded and naive to think that the government is doing everything for the sake of the people, but reality is they’re doing for the sake of the corporations and the rich elite. And frankly, that’s not right! But what the American people are doing? Only a few are noticing and doing protests but it isn’t enough.

Maybe I’m turning into a conspiracy theorist but you can’t cover the sky with your hand as well as the government lies to citizens that do what they’re told and still they suffer.


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