This is Trully Personal

Tomorrow it’s going to be two weeks since my beloved Lab Pillsbury passed away and I tried to be as normal as I can be at my job. But as soon as I get home, I quickly have to take some pills to calm my nerves. Each day that passes by, it feels less and less grieving over it. But still, I’m reluctant to get another dog just because I don’t want another dog to replace him. Pillsbury was very unique, he always loves me no matter how fucked up my life is. He always makes me happy with his ways of getting attention. He always greeted me by running towards me and sometimes I nearly end on the floor. All he wants in belly rubs and he’s content.

This afternoon, I was talking to a co-worker of mine and she was giving me encouraging words about losing a pet. She lost two of her pets by old age, but enjoyed every minute of them. Getting another dog isn’t a replacement after you lose one due to illness or tragedy, isn’t going to be the same as the one you lost, but it could be some one that makes your life better and not lonely. She have another dog that takes good care of her even with her common problems. Healing takes time, but on top of that, justice also can’t slow down when there’s unfairness and it will show the true colors once it shines at the sun, from all that darkness we have been surrounded in it.


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