This World is in Hell

I’m gonna be short… WTF is going on in this world? I found out a 20 something girl is marrying the most notorious serial killer during the 60’s and it’s indeed he’s rotting in jail. A woman named Star is marrying not other than Charles Manson. I was speechless. This naive girl met this psychopath when she was just 19 years old writing letters to him, and the relationship started since then. But what it strikes me the most is how an ugly guy inside and out caught this brainless hottie? There’s a lot of better candidates out there with jobs, cars and career minded and she decided to pick this garbage. And not only that, she post a blog about freeing Manson because he is a innocent man. Well, I think this person is being used by Manson because he knows how to convince people. Charles Manson should be restricted from contact with the outside world, period. He orchestrated theses atrocious crimes by influencing his “followers” to commit murder on innocent strangers including a pregnant woman. I think it was better if this guy would receive the death penalty but he got lucky and instead he have to rot himself behind bars. But this, getting married with a naive girl to a criminal that is like you’re marrying to a pedophile. Gosh and then you wonder why women complain too much about getting the so called right guy.

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