Cry me an Ocean

Remember when I wrote about Republicans bitching and whining about Obamacare or any other health care system that can benefit Americans to get healthy and not being bankrupt? Now these Republicans who are so eager to act “compassionate” over the fact that the majority of Americans who used their former existent health care coverage cancelled, over the “affordable” health act and they have to deal with higher cost, deductibles and out of pocket. And now they feel “sorry” that these group of people are going to be uninsured because of that. Ok, I just think of some things that doesn’t sit well with some readers but… but… but…

What a crock of hypocrites!

Plain and simple. How can career party politicians are feeling “compassionate” when they act like children, pretend they’re humanitarian and play they care about the American people specially the disintegrating “middle class” just for the whole viewers to see how denigrated, stupid, and immature they truly are. Don’t forget racist, gold digger bastards that care only on the big corporations interests. And not only Republicans are only responsible, Democrats are much as guilty as them for allowing this disturbed bill to go through just to be a solid joke, mandating millions of Americans who are struggling to get by to decide between food, paying health care that doesn’t cover anything but yet you have to pay up front, or like millions of citizens living on the ignorant red states to pay the damn fine, since insurance companies jacked up the prices. Both parties are as much guilty. And the American people? Well, still watching TV to find out what’s going on with the “characters” of Duck Dynasty, and still don’t do absolutely nothing to tell the government, get the fuck of our decisions in choosing which health care insurance we should carry depending on how much we have on our bank accounts and let me pay the doctor. Let the health insurance companies out of the equation between the patient and doctor. And most important, make the doctors public servants, not private jet set douchebags. I know they “studied” almost 10 years on their education but that doesn’t mean that all they want to treat is rich people while people who really needs to get better in their lives are destined to be sick and die because they don’t have the money for it.

Republicans should have other ideas besides acting that way. Creating a better program aimed at helping the middle class and the poor. The Rich can defend themselves, but the middle class and the poor can’t. Even though there’s public assistance programs like Medicaid, their requirements are different from different states and not both classes are covered at all specially in the red states which you republicans domain. So, instead of being the almighty people “trying” to be compassionate, do something! Not do absolutely nothing except spewing words for the mainstream media to see showed as false sympathy doesn’t help at all.


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