Acid on Our Wounds

This is not what I was thinking about proper burial. After a week of grieving over our dog and try to make our lives a little bit better, we didn’t expect such a irresponsible, uncaring, selfish and by the way evil by this so called Vet Doctor did to our dog after she was put him to sleep. I was on my bed when all of the sudden I heard a loud thump and I immediately woke up and opened the door of our room, and see my husband punching the walls, angrier than ever before in my life. He told me after I asked him what was going on various times, groggy from the pill I took the night before because I got a panic attack when I got home from work. He told me  unfortunate news, that my dog Pillsbury is in a dump, literary. These person left our dog into a dump, plain and simple. They didn’t call us the day after our dog has been put to sleep to know if we’re going to help us in some way to get our dog back or at least making payments for cremation. All she said that “we’re going to take care of it.” I’m sorry  but he wasn’t an IT, he was our friend, our buddy, our companion. All these bastards were thinking about money so much they’re willing to suck dick for a dollar, I bet.

I can’t imagine the pain I was going through that these news hit me like 10 18 wheelers passing by at me not stopping. His pain is excruciating. Just because we’re nobodies we have been treated like such. And it’s unfair. I only want to be respected for once, but do I have that even thought I respect everyone and be good and honest, the results were dismal, not for me, for us. I come to a point that I obviously don’t feel anything at all.


UPDATE: I really hate the words conflict of interest. It sounded very corrupted for starters to avoid a shady company from being sued even for the right reasons. Although we call every lawyer in this small town, only one person agreed to schedule an appointment to then later cancel it because it was once again conflict of interests. And we’re not the only ones in this unfortunately mess, there’s a few former pet owners battling with it and don’t have any choice or alternatives. Finally we found someone who can at least help us in dealing with the case. I hope it doesn’t end up in a dead end.



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