Black People have to Overcome… A lot

This Sunday, I read a column from The Guardian called, “Why I hate being a Black Man” by Orville Lloyd Douglas on my tablet during my break at my job. Yes, despite a lot of people rest, I have to work on Sundays. This column written by a black man residing in Canada, strikes me as an individual trying to fit in in a community that sadly doesn’t adapt to the word “Diversity.” In his column Orville is constantly rejected by tons of snares by a lot of people from the moment he wakes up to do his daily thing of working to going back home. How society and specially the media, denigrate Blacks no matter if they’re female or male into a race that can excel in three things: Sports, Crime and Entertainment and indeed they should achieve something more than these categories. He also emphasized that even though black women became openly with the issue of self-hatred of their own color starting with making documentaries, books and videos on youtube, it isn’t the same for Black men. Black men unfortunately are reserved in that point because of pride. I know for a fact that even in the states if a Black family lives in a white suburb, the rest of the community will judge before knowing how they’re truly are. Being Black have less chances to get a better job, or climb the ladder as other races, even with a degree or hard work. We as a race had become, given up even fighting for civil rights in the 60’s in order to be equal specially with Caucasians, but in closed doors the racism is still there in full colors no matter where do they live.

The author faced a lot of stereotype, like for example, Black people likes rap. And I agree with that point since I rarely like rap and when it is it has to be from the 1980’s-1990’s. I don’t like today’s rap because the cussing, the insult and denigration towards Black women in general. I’m into Jazz from the 1920’s thru 1940’s, in other cases I like Dubstep, Chillstep, some 80’s and classic rock. I don’t have any favorite, as long as I feel identified with their lyrics and the way they perform their music I will be fine.  The only thing I despise and I always put it on my blog is the annoying Autotune. I really don’t like sports except for Roller Derby. I’m friendly, I’m honest and hard working. But yet, I see a lot of people getting the idea that when I post my rants on youtube and see my face, they put all these comments like for example, “tranny”, “monkey”, “ugly” and so forth, so in order to get myself heard, I remove the comments from it and avoid it like the plague. When I’m angry over stuff, people are very judgmental about how I behave. Putting me names like “Bitch” or judge me because I get angry if people disrespect me isn’t right. So, I will be polite if they disrespect me? I don’t think so. I never see a person being polite when someone does that. Even I don’t go out, like other people do because I too live in a community that the majority is Caucasian, but do you think I need sympathy? Nope. I rather avoid the stares and comments from strangers since my husband is white and stay home and play videogames.

But I get the author’s point of view of why society judge without merit just because of his skin color. He don’t want to be identifiable with a criminal or some sportsman or some comedian, singer or rapper. He wants to be identifiable with who he is. A very intelligent, articulate young man. How difficult is that? Race has to be out of the equation and figure it out that is the character of the person that matters, not Race. It’s really embarrassing to say at least that Black people male and female are still in shackles, imprisoned in their own mind and that’s why we have to get our shit together and get things and effective tools to overcome these barriers. I just hope that one day, Black Community have to stop the bickering and stop working together. It’s very difficult but we have to be healed one point or another.


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