Saying Sorry Isn’t Gonna Cut It!

I’m gonna make it as short and sour as possibly can. I worked double shift today and still have some ideas in my head that has to be cleared before going to bed. In an interview today (Thursday) President Obama confessed that he’s sorry that millions of Americans who were depending on their prior insurance coverage find out the opposite of what he said in the past year about keeping your insurance if you’re comfortable with it. But the thing of the matter is what the fuck he’s gonna do now? If he’s gonna fix this whole mess he started or will things get it’s course?

Saying words like “we’re going to do everything we can” to “we’re going to fix this issue” have been gone to angry American’s deaf ears. But still, he begged that all his words he said in the beginning of this debacle is out of context now since, Insurance companies are giving the public what they don’t want. An overpriced alternative to what they used to be having on their coverage because it wasn’t in their requirements.

But all his words were caught on tape over and over the same words. And still, there’s no way in hell, these Americans can keep their current health care insurance, because they don’t meet the ACA (“affordable” care Act) standard requirements. And for that, they have to deal with expensive costs, expensive out of pocket costs, exaggerated deductible cost, and who’s going to pay that? And Obama is not feeling sorry. Obama made a mistake, a big crass one.

So, instead of apologizing why not resigning?


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