My Bad

A girl who worked in a office in MI, had been fired over the issue of wearing a costume as a Boston Marathon victim on Halloween at her workplace. But that’s not all, plenty of angered tweeters wrote tweets to @someSKANKinMI (which is suspended on Twitter) calling her names, followed by death threats at her phone and address and even her parents that has nothing to do with it except giving her the worst parenting they could came up with. I know wearing this costume at work, it should be for example, the manager in charge telling her to go home and put some other type of costume or wear office wear or she could get suspended. But the damage is done, not only for her, but her company she worked with for how long. They without hesitation fired her over the photos she posted on Instagram. And that’s not all, she did a big mistake of posting naked pictures for all to see, perhaps on her Instagram and many bullies were copying and showing it for all to see in terms to humiliate her some more. I mean, critizising for her stupid choice of a costume is not bad, but using all her information including her physical address on her driver’s license plus incriminating photos against her while giving her death threats and not of all she don’t have a job, it just went over the cliff on this one.

I feel sorry for this girl of doing an immature choice of costume, and her family who failed giving her morals and discipline. The bad thing was she didn’t understand the formal rules of posting photos, comments and ideas on social media. One false move and everything (photos, comments and ideas on what ever on your crooked head) will be held against you in some way. This person should be careful of what content she will be able to post. Even she apologized for her actions, still the media bullies weren’t satisfied. She doesn’t deserve this kind of violent and unmerciful backslash known to man where there’s a lot of criminals in higher government seats in power that obviously don’t use that against them. We’re becoming intolerant of a costume but tolerant of injustices like families being evicted from foreclosure, corrupt government playing with the American’s weaken minds and the disintegration of society as individuality.

She already endured so much. Just let her be, someone find a job for her, she really need it. She have to pick herself back up, and stop being a media whore.


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