Why Dumbasses Support These Trashbags?

Nope, They’re very Classy.

This present generation is dumbing down just like the flick “idiocracy” where there’s even a movie consisted on just showing an ass in front of the screen while stupid people laugh at the first sign of farting. Kanye West spoke on The Ryan Seacrest Radio Show with airs of false superiority followed by delusional ideas that he and his slut girlfriend are more influential couple than President Obama and his wife Michelle. I was like, laughing out loud. How come a rapper with no talent who depends on autotune software trying to make a hit and a so called reality star who got “noticed” by doing a sex tape, are so arrogant and stupid to think they’re next or above The Obamas? It’s like comparing diamonds with puke and excrement.

If people stop buying his music and stop seeing her unnecessary show, well, their inflated ego will go down in stride. Otherwise we’ll gonna see garbage after another. And don’t make me laugh on the next comment West made comparing this vulgar photo of Kim in bathing suit with Michelle and for me there’s a huge difference. Michelle even though she is not perfect, she is a great role model for all Black women. Michelle has class and poise and knows how to behave in public even with hecklers, meanwhile Kim is NOT. Michelle is respectable, Kim is the laughingstock and the comparisons goes on until the end of time.

It infuriates me, still jackasses support this loser who have sex before popping the question where the Obamas did the right thing by getting an education, working hard and had a nice reputation. Why not the public will start ignoring him and put their eyes and ears on something more positive role models who are constructive to society?


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