Food Fight

On Infowars, Food Bank for New York CEO Margarette Purvis stated that the expiration of stimulus funds reduced by $5 billion dollars will have an “immediate impact” and could cause civil unrest.

In the last weeks Food stamp recipients were receiving letters stating that their SNAP or Food Stamps will be reduced between 20 dollars starting in November. Still, there’s no protests or riots except for that computer malfunction a few weeks earlier, where people at Walmart and other supermarkets were up in arms in “providing” food for their families by leaving carts at the stores and in other cases exceed in their shopping needs.

But there’s a kicker, still they have money from their food stamps, still they have to learn how to budget the money. And still they have to get out of the hell hole they’re in. Many people abuse the Federal Help they receive. Again, receiving Food Stamps, except for Disabled and the Elderly, is a temporary help until you get back on your feet. Not as an entitlement, or a right, it is just in case, you lose your job or you are disabled, or you’re over the age of 65 and into retirement. I see a lot of people using food stamps on buying sandwiches at lunch time, buying hand made birthday cakes and wedding cakes for 100 to even 300 dollars. Many Food Stamps in all states don’t allow hot foods, otherwise it would be a long line getting fried chicken and burritos.

The thing is this, lowering 20 dollars a month isn’t the end of the world. Isn’t going to be acting up like food riots and all that. If they stop abusing it, and instead buy fruits, vegetables, grains, bread and meats, avoiding (which could be impossible) processed foods, sodas and high fructose corn syrup drinks and some products. Their government food stamp will last. One of the mistakes that Food Stamp recipients do to their children is buying sugar infused candies, sodas and high fructose corn syrup drinks. No wonder we have such a generation of obese kids and do you think I have to get some sympathy because of it? I think no. Parents or single mothers should have a stop in giving garbage to their kids.

Another thing is lying to get more benefits in SNAP. Lying about their income, or how many people are living in the house to receive more money they didn’t earn. Many with a job and everything use Food Stamps unnecessarily for years.

It isn’t rocket science when someone led you a hand, and instead of getting help you’re abusing it. If you don’t want to work, don’t eat. But if you want to wait until god knows get a high paid job without the proper level or working your butt off, you have to be very delusional about it. We work, we stride and sometimes conquer and fail, depending on the circumstance.

If they learn how to provide to themselves and their kids without or temporary government assistance, they shouldn’t be dependent on it for decades. Once again, Food Stamps would be for the Elderly and Disabled.


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