Unwanted Trend has to go

Lately, there’s has been an outgoing trend among restaurants guests that when the waiter or server gives them an excellent service with proper smile and courtesy even in the pressures and tensions from other customers, by the end, the guests decided not to tip the waiter or server even thought they earn half less than minimum wage in some states. But not only these cheap shots doesn’t pay the tip, they write their explanation why and their reasons are blunt, hurtful and ignorant.

For example, a Black girl at Red Lobster received a receipt from one of the guests who wrote on the tip empty space zero along with the next line, “Nigger”. The girl received tons of support from communities that even gave her ten thousand dollars. Even Red Lobster suspend her at first, but she’s back at her job.

The latest is at Carrabba’s restaurant in Kansas were customers didn’t tip him, but instead wrote a blatant reason why they don’t tip.

“Thank you for your service, it was excellent. That being said, we cannot in good conscience tip you, for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to God.  May God have mercy on you.”

You can choose whether or not give a tip to a hardworking waiter/server, but to write an explanation based on your false, racist and bias beliefs is atrocious at best. Unless you don’t want to be hated through the social media from the rest of the world, there’s two things. Or either, don’t visit a restaurant, cook your own food, or tip and shut the fuck off.

This behavior of cheap, arrogant customers have to go, big time. If a customer acts that way, they shouldn’t be eating out again in the first place to begin with. Any restaurant personnel needs respect and courtesy when they work under pressure from cheap, arrogant, immature jackasses and these scum have to learn how to behave in public the right way.


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