Racist? Use Your Race Card!

I thought this weekend was going to be peaceful. But I think I’m wrong? First, Rob Brown, star of the HBO series “Treme” bitch because the employees at Macy’s “profiled” him while buying a thousand dollar watch at their store. He isn’t the first or the last to complain about the issue. The problem was that as soon as he allegedly showed his credit card to pay it, the employee “found” it suspicious with his identity and later called security to “handle” this issue.

I experienced this on a different level which it happened at the beginning of summer when I was in a store called Maurice in Coeur D’Alene, ID. I never had any problems going to this store before, so I entered just to try and buy something from their clearance (I always do in every store). In that deserted store, inmediately, a brunette anorexic bitch came in to say. “Are you gonna buy something?” without remorse. My jaw just dropped from the moment she said those words. I was outraged at that, that I just said “I think, I’m gonna go to another store” and I walked out. There’s some occasions that I look at clothes in a store and I’m constantly looked like I’m going to steal something, and my shopping experience is ruined to it’s scraps and I end on the only place, they won’t look at me funny or with distrust: you guess it, GameStop.

But the issue is, if I don’t have a criminal background, I’m a good hardworking person and pay my dues, why society always bring minorities down to the level of inferiority? What they’re trying to accomplish? Still, with Civil Rights for Black people, high end stores like Macy’s, Barney’s even Kolhs are scaring Black People away from having a good shopping experience labeling them as thugs and criminals. And not all of Black people are like that, Rob Brown is a successful actor, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. At least, this isn’t an act of pity or trying to be an attention whore, it’s about respect and dignity when you walk to buy or do something. I hope this issue doesn’t go too far.

Speaking of going too far…

Julianne Hough, is in “deep” water after she dressed up as the character from OITNB (Orange is the New Black, from Netflix) at a Halloween party. And there goes the drama again in this photo:

Basically, I don’t see anything wrong or offensive. The fact that she love OITNB specially the character “Crazy Eyes” portrayed by actress Uzo Aduba, she decided to portray it and people went ballistic over it. Just remember, Blackface in the past was constituting¬† denigrating and stereotyping Black people in their shows after the 19th century. Today, however it considered an insult to African-Americans. But this specially, isn’t. But what happens when Black women or men paint their skin white for like for example, the movie “White Chicks”. And what happens when Black people wants to dress up like anime characters?

But did you see something offensive? Absolutely NO! So why Julianne is getting slammed, insulted and labeled as a racist because she’s portraying a character that she really likes and the only difference is the character “Crazy Eyes” is that she’s black and Julianne is white. It is no offense in that, Julianne, you don’t need to apologize for dressing up like that. These so called political correctness assholes need to apologize for making her night party into a war zone. You guys have to be ashamed of yourselves!


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