Question Everything

Remember the news a few days ago about this teacher from Massachussetts being killed by his classmate who is 14?

Before getting into my details, the first days of the news, people were outraged. Between the race card, and a false sympathy for the teacher and her family in this tragic outcome, the news outlets are notorious to sensationalized the story avoiding the fundamental questions or deep deeper into the issue of the relationship between Philip Chism and Colleen Ritzer. It wasn’t there to begin with. Instead it was the story of a body found in the woods, while the killer Phillip is arrested and charged as a adult.

Then the second day of the story. Where the news outlets explained about how is Phillips and Colleen personality. Which is just incomplete bits and pieces of the info just to make the viewers and readers, complacent with what these reporters “accomplished” avoiding the obvious.

Third day, they supposedly hit the jackpot but failed. Another detail into what happened to these two people behind closed doors as soon as Ritzer told Chism to stay after all the students left to their next class or period or whatever. It doesn’t say what they were doing except they make the assumption that Ritzer was from 5 to 10 feet away from Chism. Doesn’t sounds odd and off? When they’re behind closed doors inside the classroom obviously there’s no cameras around to see what actually happen. It could be a lot of things that set this young man, a bright boy coming from a good family to violence.

Then there’s the issue of mental illness, racism, and gun control (which he used a box cutter and his fists to kill the teacher) but neither spoke the issue of sexual abuse in the case. He was a quiet kid and she was an “excellent” teacher but, some people aren’t stupid. There’s something wrong going on and I just hope it just came to light of the matter for what it really is. For me, it sounded odd that reporting it is so closed minded, Al-Jazzeera could be the best bet?


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