That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

After three months of the implementation of it seems that Rockstar Games hit the nail in delivering a spectacular video game such as GTA V. In other words, the American people are the most sissiest of the sissies on the planet, for dealing with this piece of garbage. Obama delivered a faulty system while the private corporations (health insurance) are preparing for the money dance looking like little grinches on Christmas Day. It means we, the American People are gladly raise our asses and being fucked with some stick with no defense mechanism.

It’s so frustrating that instead of people shopping for the best alternative in one website, they have to rely on making phone calls, going to appointments and what not and try to figure it out why their premiums are so freaking high?

It’s not funny when politicians play with millions of dollars out from the now nearly extinct middle class, to design a flawless system benefiting the rich elite by creating a big scam such as the “Affordable Care Act”. It’s immoral to think Democrats and Republicans are extent from this and get better healthcare than hard working Americans who are being choked to death with penalties, taxes, and chemicals just to let them die easier, costlier and faster.

Can you guys see the whole picture here?

If Americans do nothing, there’s gonna be nothing productive for the sake of it all. If Americans grab whatever they can find and make changes in their lives and kick these bastards and make the constitution solid, well there’s another story we sometimes relates to.


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