This Isn’t Funny Anymore

The story I found on CNN regarding a young woman being raped by a so-called football player by giving her the rape drug, and later their charges dropped really struck a chord on me. As a person that in the past endured sexual abuse and was afraid to tell my parents about it, it makes me think, how society treats the weaker sex when things like these happens in a community.

There’s cases of cyberbullying when a jackass post pics of their former flames for all the student body to see, or post it on sex sites as amateur porn. It will make these poor indefenless women kill themselves, while these jackasses runs free. But this woman Daisy and her family were labeled as the bad seed while this sexual predator, a hero. And I wonder if society will learn that once a person touch a girl against her will (with drugs or without) inappropriately,  it’s considered sexual abuse and in the worst case rape and that person have to be held accountable. Not the other way around.

I saw cases from Montana, where a teacher is set free after having sex with a minor. And now this thing, where Daisy’s family doesn’t know where to turn to. And its embarrassing, that middle east countries are treating their women better than this so called free country.


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