Get a Job, Get a Life

In the past few days 15 states were affected by the “glitch” in EBT or Food Stamps which don’t allow recipients to purchase food. It created a massive outrage between the recipients and supermarket personnel when recipients were unable to buy the “necessary” food to feed themselves and their families. During this economic crisis, between the government shutdown, the faulty Obamacare enrollment this is kinda hits the last straw.

There’s actually millions of Americans relying or abusing Food Stamps because first their job hours were cut, or they’re unemployed, or disabled. But the reality of the matter is that while a small percent were using Food Stamps as a way to temporarily put a safety net until they’re in a better condition financially, there’s a huge percent of people misusing it for years. For example, people buying birthday or wedding cakes using Food Stamps, buying junk food or in other cases made to order sandwiches for their lunch break. It seems imperative to me that it isn’t fair that people who don’t need it abuse it while families that truly need it are being denied because of some little process.

And that’s not all, the issue of demanding drug tests when applying for EBT as well as reducing their monthly allowance to buy food is kind to say to the deadbeats, or either get a job or get a life. There’s nothing for free these days. You receive our help, you have to give something back.

But Deadbeats can’t have that. They were desperate to find at least food for their kids and themselves even if they have to steal it to get it, instead of being independent by themselves by getting a very paid job to supply to their families.

I just wonder what will happens if the government stop EBT in all 50 states?

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