What the Hell these people were drinking? Among other things…

Last couple of days since the “Government Shutdown” it let a sour disgusting taste in all American mouths as police men killed a single woman who was driving erratically over the thought of that the government were going to chase her down. Well, indeed police chase and shoot her down to her death and the only witness of all this is her one year old daughter. Policemen didn’t have to be so harsh in assassinate this poor woman with mental illness.  She wasn’t carrying any type of weapons, except for driving a vehicle. They should use tazers instead or shoot her in non-lethal areas like the legs, arms and not the head. Then today, of all the mess between the Republicans and the Democrats to reach a deal, a man poured gasoline on himself, set himself on fire and dance away. And this is no joke, this guy actually was dancing for a couple of seconds before putting on the ground because of his injuries.

I just wonder, are Americans are getting mad? What the hell they were drinking, or eating to commit these things? These two individuals weren’t terrorists, they were perhaps dealing with mental illness or the guy who set himself on fire tried to prove a point. Don’t know but at this moment if the politicians can’t come to a conclusion, I think there’s gonna be more people doing crazy acts like these. Making a point is very cowardly for the rest of Americans who rather have a pole sticking up their ass than doing something about it, these days. I know they rather wait in line for days at a time for the newest Iphone on the market instead of protesting the streets of Washington demanding the government to fix the issue or they have to get the fuck out of the office. But how long is enough? When the market collapse? When you lose your job? When you lose everything?

And speaking of losing everything, this is the fourth day of the implementation of Obamacare and still after I sign up I can’t log in after I put the information. Instead I should call the number listed on their site or visit my local department of health and welfare to sign up. It’s a shame what this country is going.


3 thoughts on “What the Hell these people were drinking? Among other things…

  1. I’m guessing you haven’t seen the eyewitness video of the poor woman who was shot. She was fired for irrational behavior, was suffering from postpartum depression, and had progressed into schizophrenia. She thought Obama was putting her life on TV. She used her car as a weapon, crashing it into a cop car and aiming it at officers on foot. She had to be stopped for the protection of others she might have hurt.

    We don’t know the backstory of the man who self-immolated. It’s too early. However, there are echoes of monks doing the same during the Viet Nam war. Was he protesting – laying his life out as a sacrifice?

  2. Of course I saw the photos and the video specially when the authorities were followed her car, and another one where one of the police men aimed his weapon at her where her car was stuck between the barriers and the police cars. Like I said, Police department should use another approach or method of action than killing an innocent woman who happens to have a mental illness. She wasn’t a terrorist with a gun or a bomb, she was having a psychotic episode and it was way over exaggerated the way the “authorities” handled it. About the man I saw the photos, of the incident where he was on the ground while people were helping him. It could be two things, protesting over the shutdown, or again having a nervous breakdown. I don’t believe he was immolating himself for pure pleasure, that would be bizarre. Anyway, thanx for commenting. 😛

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