Start Again on a Broken Record

Almost two or three years ago I started a fictional novel about vampires (where Twilight craze went in) and sadly due to my grown up responsibilities, problems and other issues I stopped. Then, a several months ago I started another project (under wraps) and it just got stuck.

Still, I have my doubts on when if it’s finished it would be a hit or a well grounded failure. I don’t want to be failing again, having that feeling of hopelessness after I spend all my time and effort in it. But neither I can’t let it rot in there. I told two co-workers of mine about the idea, and they seem thrilled and interested. But I think it’s just they know me. If I tell strangers about it, will they act that way? Don’t know… Maybe I won’t be concentrating on actual events and instead of what to do next with these characters I created.

In the meantime, have to finish what I started. I Think… Wish me Luck?


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