Last Rites

Since I don’t have no other choice I decided to get health insurance from my employer. In the booklet I received by mail, they added it two health insurance options. The Core Plan and the Buy-Up Plan. Deductibles for the Core Plan are 2,000 bucks while the Buy-Up plan is 1,500. Doctors visits for the Core Plan have to pay a deductible first before paying 20% everything from the Core Plan I have to pay the deductible to then get serviced from ER to Vision. The cost? $50.79 every two weeks for the Core Plan while the Buy-Up Plan is raised to $80.00 when right now is $67.00.

Still in Idaho there’s no Medicaid Expansion, not that I heard of. So many hard working families living paycheck to paycheck have to deal with paying complicated health insurance that isn’t affordable, with covered services that needs to be paid up front and have to choose between paying the 95 dollar fine, or having food on the table isn’t rocket science.

As the coming days looms, Republicans are using all they can to stop Obamacare, at least for now, by trying to shutdown the government in order to delay the implemented bill. But then as I always say, they don’t have a plan to make Obamacare or come up with their own to fix the health insurance crisis. Another crucial thing is to stop mandatory to make all people have insurance or face a fine when you going to file for tax returns. Make the people chose what type of health insurance they want to have if they have the money for it. Because by the sound of it, this isn’t right at all. I can’t see any affordability with the words Deductible in it. Affordability means you pay what you can afford to based on your income and your expenses and also procedures and services have to be frozen and raised annually for the inflation. I think the cause of why services and procedures are very expensive is two things: Greed and avoiding lawsuits by patients in case of medical accidents or something. This is one of the worst bills I ever encountered where the people don’t have to chose, instead private corporations give them, expensive health plans to bankrupt the public while they get rich.

Anyway, will the Republicans will stop Obamacare with all their immature tactics? OR should they talk with the President on the table to tell ideas and changes to the bill or act or whatever you call it. Our fate is in their hands, sadly.


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