When Naughty Meets Anger

This is a plain example of politically incorrect. Walmart pulled an Halloween Costume for little girls because so-called parents were up in arms because of the name, “Naughty Leopard.” There’s nothing naughty about a innocent little costume but the name, Naughty have a lot of means, most of it sexual. In an era of Twerking, Miley and all these females shaking their used up booties up and down in front of the cameras, parents are still willing to protect their most prized possession from the clutches or immorality and depravity. Now that Halloween is around the corner, there’s a lot of groups and associations to ban costumes that deems offensive, disgusting and insulting. But here’s my thing. As I see this costume:

The girl is wearing a black dress, with violet details followed by a kitty ear headband. It seems she’s not naughty, she’s downright cute in my opinion. It’s not offensive, not even naughty. It’s just a silly Halloween dress for girls.

Another example is the popular mental patient and asylum costumes which mental ill advocates are targeting it by calling it offensive, to the mentally ill. Costumes from Japanese Geishas, to Mexicans with big sombreros are now considered offensive. Halloween isn’t a fun time gathering where families walk with their children visiting home to home for candies and socialized with neighbors anymore. But that is considered dangerous because of pedophiles. And don’t forget to check candies before giving them away to their children for the sake of finding the dangerous ones! Now the trust in American People have been distorted at so many levels, there’s no celebration in Holidays like these. Instead is a paranoia of people deeming Halloween as satanic, paganism, evil celebration where pedophiles are opening their doors with poisoned candy while parents are outraged at the costumes for children, and children believes it. Pretty sad, pretty embarrassing that children these days doesn’t have any childhood apart from being stuck on Ipads, smartphones and videogame consoles.


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