Americans Focused Their Eyes on a Clown Than Medusa

Let’s get serious folks. Yesterday, I read the Adventures of Ted Cruz where he just stood there for 22 hours straight doing nothing but complaining, reading children’s books and making insensitive comparisons to sensitive tragedies. All while Americans were hooked on him like he could be the savior of stopping Obamacare. But who’s gonna stop this great Tsunami that is coming it’s way destroying what Americans have been “rebuilding” for decades after the Great Depression? On Oct. 17, United States will have only 30 billion dollars in hands as it cannot, CANNOT ask for any more loans to stay afloat. In the meantime it will be used for country commitments. Don’t know what’s gonna happen if the money runs out. But this is very serious. The American Government along with Big Bankers are the culprits of this disaster. There’s two alternatives or they could raise the debt limit a little bit more to sustain their irresponsible spending or the Federal Reserve will take charge of it, by defaulting on some of the bills.

It’s like comparing a immature person who doesn’t have financial responsibility to spend on a Jaguar or a expensive condo and don’t have the money for it, instead uses credit cards and loans to pay for it and only have $10,000 dollars in hand. If that individual doesn’t pay what it’s hes/she’s entitled to, the consequences will be crashing down to the road of homelessness. This irresponsible spending caused by the government on not telling the public where the money, your tax money, goes and secrecy it carries only conspiracy theorists knows part of it while the rest don’t know a clue or don’t want to know at all, it’s a disgrace for all Americans. Seriously! Do you trust a con artist to give him money with a promise he’s going to pay it back? That’s what’s happening on a greater, multiplied scale involving millions of Americans and billions of money. If they don’t take responsibility, We have to be prepared and evacuate before that Tsunami will swipe us all.

Just imagine no money for Social Security, Disability, Medicare and Medicaid, Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing, all those safety nets that the poor people and seniors rely on (and often abused on). Poor people will go up their arms, families will walk in violence and American militia will revolt against a government that takes priority on the Middle East, China and Brazil while not fixing their holes on their pipes in their own house. It’s a shame that it goes to this crisis, but we have to be prepare for it. Maybe they will raise it a little bit more, maybe they let the Federals take care of it, maybe is none of the above. This is my folks, the beginning of a new era of chaos and ravaging… Yes… I have too much imagination…


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