The 22 hour speech from Repub Ted Cruz proves only it’s a waste of time and a waste of tax payer money that only a selfish, immature jackass such as this mob, could do. The life of sick and the uninsured can’t be amounted to dollars and cents, as a liability. Not everyone can buy health insurance, and not many states can extend Medicaid, so why Cruz acted that way? It seems all he wanted is the media attention to gain a seat at the Presidency. When all he did was another failed record of standing for 22 hours with no food, limited water, and instead of talking of alternatives to Obamacare, he was just reading a children’s book while playing Bobo the clown.

By the way all that waste of money, standing up, he could come out with an idea, or alternative to the bill. Too bad it was just a waste of time, at least Obamacare is going to be implemented even if the world collapses.


2 thoughts on “Unnecesary

  1. Health care used to be cheap until government forced its insurance scam. That is when prices skyrocketed. The answer is to go back to the market, instead of rmore government…

    Cruz is a member of congress. It is his duty to stop bloated garbage like Obamacare. Its called checks and balances. We have a debt of almost $18 trillion. You don’t pay that debt by spending trillions more on a social program…

  2. Insurance scam by the goverment alone, that would be a joke. Private health insurance companies had their blame as well. Both were responsible for this crisis and envolving them for another health care system will be more of the same. If I want affordability it would be better to cap the services and procedures from doctors and hospitals just like Japan is doing.

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