Unfund Obamacare or give the Public Gov. ShutDown

There it goes again! Republicans who doesn’t like their way with Obamacare are threatening to shut down government exactly on Oct 1 where every senior, disabled and the poor would receive their benefits, National Parks could continue to be open, US Postal Service delivers mail and so forth. And also the implementation of Obama Care, of course. I mean, who’s the immature, selfish jackasses this time?  Just because they don’t want their way, doesn’t mean that the American People have to pay with it too! It was signed, implemented with all it flaws and imperfections so they could just deal with it.

Still, many Americans doesn’t know what Defund Obama Care means. Defund means “to deplete financial resources” or “to withdraw financial support from.” Obama care is funded by Tax Payer money, not by banks or any other private funding to cover millions of Americans who are uninsured and can’t afford a private health insurance or employer’s health care package. In some states that states that only Pregnant women, Disabled and Seniors can apply for Medicaid leaving people who are bellow the poverty level in the dust. Now, with Obama Care Medicaid, will be expanded to some states while Red States like Idaho are reluctant to give it a try. When it’s a law that has to be implemented, it has to be done or else you be considered a criminal.

And so, we go back to this mess. Since Republicans don’t have or speak of alternatives to Obama Care, they’re just again acting like little spoiled children who bitch and complain when they don’t have their way. Ways which could be leaving the rich gets more and the poor to fuck themselves. And I’m not defending Democrats either, since they don’t know a clue about how to fix this mess Americans are into. Both parties suck and We, The People, need someone not influenced by banks or lobbyists which is pretty difficult to find to fix this mumbo jumbo. So we have to deal with one point or another, sadly.

In the Meantime, if they shutdown the government, Americans will have to shutdown to every “proposition”, “plan” or “strategy” Republicans have by kicking them out of the office, and NOT necessarily have to be with voting them out every four years. They’re the cause for this disorganized government agenda.


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