The mandatory implantation of Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act in Idaho doesn’t make the right amount of waves for every low-paid workers, the unemployed, and the single mothers. Gov. Butch Otter didn’t allow Medicaid Expansion in his state which is essential for every Idahoan since applying for it is restricted for the Elderly, Disabled and Pregnant Women, NOT about their income. It has been over for years, and thousands of Idahoans are either filing for bankruptcy or getting what their have on their low-wage check garnished by creditors.

As my case and experience in this matter, I applied for Medicaid years ago because my former employer don’t offer health care benefits and I used to get sick a lot, and couldn’t afford doctor visits (which are incredibly expensive) I got denied twice, applied for a review once and still got denied. How does the low-wage worker can afford these services without Medicaid? Sure, there’s Dirne Medical Clinic in Coeur D’ Alene but you have to waste gas to travel 50 miles to visit a doctor, or a dentist. The only “safety net” is the Free Clinic only 12 miles and it’s opens on Tuesday for only three to four hours and it’s very limited. Call it what you will, Mr. Otter but who’s the evil one in this picture?

As far as low-wage workers goes, if you work part-time you won’t be getting health benefits from your employer, since it’s NOT mandatory to offer you one. And that’s what many employers in order to save a buck plan a program to cut hours from 40 to a miserable 20 where there’s no seniority, no unions, no one to back you up. To file for Medicaid in Idaho is a big negative. So what choices does that person has? The economy isn’t recovering anytime soon, to find another job is a hassle when all you have to do is sit your ass in front of the computer and file hoping and praying they will call you, if they have the time. If you get sick, you don’t have any other choice than going to the ER, having a big bill before a week, and pray and hope the creditors (no matter how ruthless they are) doesn’t find you. If you file for a tax return, your fines are going to show up because of the lack of health insurance. $95 for person, more than $50 bucks if you have children.

The Insurance Exchange opening on Oct 1 could be a blessing or a curse depending on what health insurance company is running and offering. That’s what Mr. Otter is aiming at. More people to be screwed up on limited choices and high costs on services and procedures, instead of letting the government offer Medicaid Expansion which he refuse. It’s my fuckin’ money you asshole, I want to use it for my health! What are you saving that tax payer money for, Mr Otter? For your lavish cow herding adventures? Farmville? Studying for the rodeo clown school? Meanwhile, thousands of people who have their hours cut are struggling to ends meet or to find it. And now, this issue of Obamacare is ruining families and struggling individuals to get health care or get fined. It’s all downright backwards.

Like I say earlier. If the government implemented a better health care system, it would be one that:

  • Doesn’t Mandate citizens to get Health Insurance.
  • Cap prices Procedures and Services to make it affordable instead of rising it every month just for the greedy doctors to buy a Luxury Car or Boat.
  • Eliminate Legal Woes from Patients towards Doctors. If the Doctors commit malpractice, they will be held accountable.
  • Expand Medicaid and make people who can afford it pay 30% or 20% of the procedures and services they offer.
  • Health Insurance Agencies who are fraudulent should be out of the equation. They started this crisis in the beginning.

Sounds reasonable? Or sounds like I live in the Nuthouse? If you live in Idaho, you decide.


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