Shootings: A great excuse to Ban Weapons

I don’t get it! Why the love and obsession to the Second Amendment when some people are abusing it? In the Northwest is something odd for me coming from the city, when I see some individuals bragging their weapons on their belts entering a supermarket or a fast food or some other place. It just says, “I have a weapon”, “I don’t care who will I shoot”, and the last word “Don’t Thread on me.” Gun control over who really needs to carry a weapon for defensive reasons and carrying a gun for flaunting it, it’s very tricky and dangerous.

Do you think these two incidents are going to make the Congress and the Senate stop with their frivolous demands and start dealing with the real issue here? I think not! Tragedies that one person who is ignored by the Military (as always) when it comes to seeking help for his unstable Mental Health, decided to use a gun and shoot indiscriminately to unarmed personnel, and the other one in a civilian park in Chicago when strangers started a rampage hurting dozens of teenagers, adults and even a toddler, will be quickly forgotten. And there’s always But the issue of Gun Control isn’t going away and isn’t going to be solved either.

For me, having a Gun is a great responsibility when you have to decide who will live and who will die depends of keeping it in a locked safe, with locked triggers just in case kids will go at it. Do you know how many kids die just for playing with a loaded weapon to show their friends?  It rarely shows up on the news now a days. But right now, the issue of carrying guns have been turned into a Wild Wild West of douchebags thinking the government is going to take up their guns and they can’t defend themselves for the “apocalypse” that’s going to happen. Listen people! Be creative! You have that right, but you don’t have to be a showoff, you need to protect yourself, but you don’t have to be a psychotic jackass shooting everything that moves just because you feel “threatened”. If something happens, there’s the Police for that. If the Police doesn’t do their job, get a ADP Security System. If you don’t have money for ADP, defend yourself. There’s more possibilities that the Congress and Senate will talk about Miley Cyrus (yes, still) than finding a way to control who gets guns.


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