Two days ago an “American” with a Indian Heritage, was crowned Miss America and the people just went ballistic. Ballistic over the fact she’s NOT 100% full fledged American. Racist, Ignorant people over the social media were spewing the most negative, racist, ignorant and out of context comments you wouldn’t ever see on Facebook or any other and I just question myself. I know this land is full of immigrants, but the idiocricy of the matter is why the immaturity? Why they’re afraid of? What these haters are trying to accomplish? Because by the sounds of it, if they don’t want an American with Indian descent, maybe they could do their own beauty pageant named Miss Real America or Miss White Supremacy.  It’s very confusing to see one point that it tries to “celebrates” diversity (except African-American women), and to find a woman that is 100% American, you must look for Native Americans instead. There’s nothing pure about being an American when citizens have been mixed with different races or nationalities it just turn into a big confusing and tangled spaghetti pasta.

I’m not into beauty pageants, but to judge someone who doesn’t have American Roots and Heritage (if any), sounded more than Race Hating than allowing “diversity” into a shallow contest. But what about allowing dark skin women participate in these pageants? And Miss USA from Donald Trump is even worst with the lack of Dark Skinned women in their rooster. So who they are to judge what’s American or not?  What about Native American women in this melting pot? I never see a Native American woman participate, (that I know of) and that’s seriously embarrassing.


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