Some Come Up, Many Comes Down

The installation of Tabletop Computers Screens at more than 1,600 Chilli’s Restaurants is more than a kick in the butt for it’s employees. Besides telling the media this system will not replace waitstaff, it could be more than the contrary. While ripping it’s customers off by providing “entertainment” and “games” for a dollar, waitresses are subject to have their hours cut or cut part of it’s personnel. Technology has been a big bitch in terms of who survives the employment market and who will sank.

Three things are very important when you enter a restaurant. Quality of the Food, Courtesy of the employees towards the customers and Price. When you allow a lot of technology into the place without human interaction, things will go messy. From glitches, to human errors when ordering the food to complicated interface, it will turn a friendly restaurant to a downhill catastrophe.

Naturally, when I enter a restaurant it’s all human interaction, and depending on what the person is. From the time I came there to the bill, it’s all a great dining experience. And waitresses are doing all that. They’re the ones that give this good vibe of service to make their restaurants soar. Not a piece of software.

An example of this is auto-checkout systems in some stores like Walmart or Costco. If you carry like two or three items and want to get the hell out, it’s a great idea. But if you have a shopping grocery spree, you have to rely on a human cashier for that. Meanwhile, if they replace cashiers for auto-checkout machines, it would be chaotic. Besides, they could lose more money than earning it. You can’t replace a machine to earn more and expect they act humanly possible! You need personnel, who could do the job, at a decent wage so they can bring earnings to the place.

I actually totally disagree with the whole idea of automation. No matter how many computers the company has to cut costs, it will actually will be a severe liability.


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