Out of Wedlock Went Wrong or Right

This is a very classic unusual story. Guy meets Girl, Guy spend time with the Girl. Girl gets pregnant. Guy don’t want the baby and wants her to abort the fetus. Girl goes against it. Guy kills the fetus. This story might come out of a horror flick but it happened in real life when Romee Lee when against his John Welden’s will to not have his baby and she wants to have it anyway so he didn’t have no other choice than giving her an abortion pill Cytotec instead of an antibiotic for her infection and a few hours later she miscarried the unborn fetus.

I have a lot of words from this person. What the hell she was thinking? Using the old scheme of “I’m having a baby” trapping the guy into an unwanted relationship is the most selfish and immature act, in my book. Another thing, does HIS voice matter? Or if he’s just the inseminator to her? Think about the so-called “women’s rights” what about HIS rights?

As soon as I saw her interview on CNN.com while sobbing and shedding tears I was outraged, not because of what happened to her (could care less) but because it seems to me that all she wanted is a sugar daddy who could pay child support if he doesn’t want to assume (or forced to) mandatory responsibility of raising an unwanted child. She could have the guts to understand HIS stance and opinion by COMMUNICATING. If he doesn’t want to have kids, she could cut ties with the guy and move to the next idiot that comes in her way. By posing her feminist mindset of “It’s my uterus and I can do what I want” mentality she did only that. Not only she destroyed her baby, but destroy John Welden’s life by going behind bars for a “crime” that could be truly preventable by using condoms, pills or best vasectomy. It takes two to tango, but it take a feminist zombie to fuck it up. Males BEWARE!

More info on the case: Mail Online

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