You Can’t Dance


Yesterday during my break at my job, I read a so-called story of an American Jewish girl slash entrepreneur named Mindi Budjor who goes shopping, among other things normal people would die or kill for. But that’s not the case. Mindi while earning a good amount of money, she felt like a “failure” and “shallow” so she went to a province in Kenya and met an interesting tribe called the Maasai people in which she learned that men are warriors and women were their providers and workers by building homes, chopping trees for firewood and even walk up to seven hours to fetch water, and don’t forget being mothers to their offspring. So what does she do? Instead of leaving things like it is, she just went and destroy their sense of community, their well founded traditions and heritage by forcing them her feminist views just by asking them if a female could be a warrior as a rite of passage. Their response? HELL FUCKING NO! Which she prompt a quest to be the first female warrior, against the women pleas.

And I just went, “Hold up, Right Now!” All she did was showing up with her feminist views and deliverally destroyed their heritage, their traditions. After I read this column from Shine on Yahoo it makes me think how long can we accept this douchebag behavior from feminism to destroy our lives, not only in a small village in Africa but big communities in the big cities. In my opinion, Mindi’s visit to the Maasai tribe to turn it upside down is an insult. Not only for her feminist views but also for her race and background. It’s a very grave one, where one foreigner thinks that is OK to bash their way of life with their selfish and egocentric ideas when they don’t want to learn their own culture, heritage at home where she belongs.

You don’t want an African-American girl participating in a Bar Miztvah because she felt inclined to do it, so why this Jewish entrepreneur did this? Just simply to write a book about “her experience” and became famous while taking advantage of a tribe that wants to be left alone. If she was so hollow and miserable why the fuck she didn’t turn to her religion, her Hebrew traditions?

She didn’t respect, honored their stance. She wasn’t strong in the end, she could run, kill buffaloes and drink warm blood from a goat (which she vomited, by the way, is a sign of dishonor and disrespect) but perhaps she can’t cook, clean or sew or take care of plants, their husbands and children like many proclaimed feminists are not doing. She just went against their views, “conquered” an innocent town, and she felt empowered? How about selfish, stupid and moronic!


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